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Discover our butterei Pur Natur products

Our butter is of exceptional quality and is produced in the traditional manner, something which is greatly appreciated by true connoisseurs. Furthermore, our butter is easy to spread at lower temperatures and is famous for its high level of malleability thanks to our controlled crystallisation technology.

Finally, this product is suitable for baking and puff pastry, as this delicious yoghurt cake recipe by Pascale Naessens shows.

Butter is the result of an entirely (organic) fermentation of the cream with the help of carefully selected lactic bacteria. It is churned in real churns, just as our forefathers did it. This preserves the full, delicious flavour of old-fashioned butter

Video on the Pur Natur production process for fresh churned butter

Watch this short video on our unique process for producing fresh churned butter.

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