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Pur Natur butter:
a unique Belgian player in the traditionally-produced authentic churned butter sector

In October 2013, the butter manufacture Pur Natur NV took over all trading activities from Büllingen under the name 'Pur Natur Butter', making Pur Natur belongs one of the few remaining companies in Europe producing churned butter and is a unique Belgian player in the authentic churned butter sector and, of course, makes it butter in authentic churns, following the traditional method.

Pur Natur quality

Butterei Pur Natur kwaliteit

Pur Natur butter always aims to produce and market delicious top-quality products for both our clients and consumers, while complying with all legal conditions and sticking scrupulously to the principles of organic food production. As well as using the very best raw materials, our approach is based on a commitment – a positive feeling – to making products that meet the highest possible quality standards.

History of the Pur Natur group


In 1902 the dairy operation St. Eligius was set up in the village of Kruishoutem in East Flanders. They Raw milk was collected from farmers in the surrounding area, skimmed and brought back.

Shortly after the end of World War II this grew into a fully-functioning dairy company under the name Melkinrichting Kruishoutem (Kruishoutem Dairy), abbreviated to MIK

The production process

The cream is immediately pasteurized as soon as it arrives in order to eliminate harmful bacteria. It then begins a ripening process of 24-48 hours. This ensures that we achieve the correct acidity. After going through this traditional ripening process, the butter is freshly churned every day in authentic churns, a feature that is unique in Benelux. This is just how our forefathers did it, but ten times bigger. The churning process yields churned butter and buttermilk.

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